Business Center with a Human Face


Created in 2000, Crystal Palace is a state-of-the-art business center, providing the latest equipment. Currently, ten young enterprises are taking advantage of Crystal Palace’s facilities and services.

Centrally located in Brussels-West, the business center is easily accessible, and each company has its own parking area. 

The site is also secure: an access controlled Speed-Gate keeps an eye on in- and outgoing cars. An infrared video surveillance system with sequential recording makes the site up to date.

In addition, the Crystal Palace management company running the business center, represented by Paul Tackoen and his son Olivier, is housed on-site, guaranteeing rapid response to any need.
Greenery surrounds this architectural treasure - originally built in the 1930s - which has been entirely renovated in a hip, ‘loft’ style. 

These factors all combined to make Crystal Palace an inviting place to work, in the heart of a lively neighborhood.

Crystal Palace